Intuition Fundamentals II - Prerequisites, Intuition Fundamentals 1, Reiki lvl 2.


-This intuition intensive leads you further up the intuitive ladder to your psychic opening.

Here you will discover how your intuition helps and supports your psychic ability and how to keep it flowing to keep that strong support base.

You will also explore where your psychic strength lies, and how to enrich it. How to bring forth the other less dominant abilities to help widen your psychic field and finally how to practically apply your gifts in your Reiki practice.

The class starts with its own attunement/meditation and finishes with card and table work

This course is the prerequisite for The energetic learning of Triskele 

Cost -$200.00

Dates - 

Animals and Reiki lvl 2 -  ( Prerequisite Animals and Reiki lvl 1)

 Continuing the Animals and Reiki journey the practitioner will deepen their spiritual awareness of our animal kinsmen through earth teachings and foster a better empathic understanding of their needs.

This one evening and full day course includes -

- The second level attunement

- A specific symbol to use with animals

- Specific techniques in using  the higher chakras to help facilitate animal communication and deepen spiritual connection

- Crystals  and how to incorporate their powerful energies while working with animals

- A field trip either to a farm or natural setting for guided use with the level one and two learning

- A certificate of completion

Cost - $175.00

Dates - To be determined please contact me directly

* REQUIRED - You will be required to sign a waiver of liability for the field trip*

Intuition Fundamentals 1-  This course is for all Reiki practitioners regardless of level looking to improve and develop their intuitive abilities.

One day of instruction includes -

-Learning what intuition is and how it shows up differently for each of us

- Becoming aware of our own intuitive process

-Creative exercises in learning how to relax  access and act on your  intuitive impulses

- Interpreting your intuitive messages and how to do so when accessing your intuition for others

- Learning how to discern between emotions and intuition

- How to use Oracle and Tarot cards in conjunction with your intuition.

- How Reiki helps expand our intuition and how to harness it effectively in client care when discerning blocks and issues in the physical and energetic body.

Cost - $150.00

Dates - 

Animals and Reiki lvl 1-( Animals and Reiki is a continuing education course and requires First and Second lvl Reiki to attend)

Animals and Reiki opens the practitioner to the specific earth energies of our animal brothers and sisters. This course helps foster and deepen the connections between the practitioner and their animal companions /clients facilitating emotional and physical healing.

8 hours of instruction includes -

- A specific attunement to Reiki and working with animals.

- Deepening your connection with Earth energies through the root chakra and learning how this strengthens your connection to the animal kingdom.

- Chakra points,  how they correspond to animals and how to use them in sessions.

- How to ready yourself for sessions, basic hand positions and what to expect working with animals.

- Animal communication what it is and isn't and how to use it effectively when in session and in everyday interaction.

- A certificate of completion

Cost - $150.00

Dates -