Animals and Reiki 

( Animals and Reiki is a continuing education course and requires First and Second level Reiki to attend)

Animals and Reiki opens the practitioner to the specific earth energies of our animal brothers and sisters. This course helps foster and deepen the connections between the practitioner and their animal companions /clients facilitating emotional and physical healing.

This one evening and full day course includes - 

- Two  specific attunements to Reiki and working with animals. One with a specific symbol to this course

- How to ready yourself for sessions, basic hand positions and what to expect working with animals.

- Deepening your connection with Earth energies through the root chakra and learning how this strengthens your connection to the animal kingdom.

- Chakra points,  how they correspond to animals and how to use them in sessions.

- Animal communication what it is and isn't and how to use it effectively when in session and in everyday interaction.

- Specific techniques in using  the higher chakras to help facilitate animal communication and deepen spiritual connection

- Crystals  and how to incorporate their powerful energies while working with animals

- A full day at Flying Moon Farm working with The Courage Herd

- A certificate of completion

* REQUIRED - You will be required to sign a waiver of liability for the field trip*

Cost - $325.00

Dates - June 1st (evening) and June 2nd


Learning to Channel level 1

In this foundation building course you will learn how to properly access your intuition and psychic ability. Once these are known the student will move into learning to channel the higher realms for insight, wisdom and clarity. The student will build a better relationship with their guides, ascended masters and higher self.

( Some familiarity with energy work is suggested before starting this teaching)

This full day course includes -

-Intuitions intensive - learning how to identify and differentiate your intuitive and psychic abilities

- Meditatation for optimum connection when channeling the higher realms  

-Mediumship and collective channeling, what do I want to channel? Learning the difference and how to identify the different energies coming in.

-Grounding and "protection".  Creating a space for channeling inner and outer and what crystals help strengthen the connection.

-Class Activation - accessing and "meeting" your higher self

Cost - $225.00

Dates - June 16th Carleton Place

10 am to 430pm

Learning to Channel level 2

The continuing course to Learning to Channel leads the student further into what it feels like to be an open conduit for visiting energies


This full Day workshop includes:

-  Learning how to "Allow" and what it feels like when channeling. In other words getting out of your own way...

- The various ways the channel comes through and finding the one that initially works best for you ( practical application in class)

- "Oh my its working! Now what?" interpretation and how why where what you can use and share the information being recieved.

- Self care and channeling. Often overlooked, this is key to receiving clearly. Learn how to set boundaries, meditate effectively and harmonize with the energy coming through.

( This is a practical class, you will be working with the energy you have identified with. Pushing out of your comfort zone and allowing the energy to come forth in stronger ways.  )

Cost - $225.00

Dates - June 17th Carleton Place 

10:30 am to 4:30pm