Reiki Shares

Shares are held the last Thursday of each month. YOU MUST REGISTER .

Donation is $15. Tea and snacks provided .

To register please email Samantha at


Life gets busy, sometimes we need a quick refresh of what we've learned. If your looking to go over previous teachings or are gearing up to take a new degree why not invest an evening in a degree refresher?

All degrees/levels are offered from first to third.These can be tailored for groups or individuals ( Private).

Previous Reiki certification required
( You do not need to have completed levels one and two with Samantha to benefit from the refresher however a certificate from the Master who taught you is required to attend)

In the Level one refresher you will receive a level one re attunement "boost", hand positions for self treatment and for practicing on others,  re-aquaintance  with the Reiki principals and  time on the table both practicing and receiving with others in the group.

In the Level two refresher you will receive a level two re attunement" boost", re visit the symbols received in Second degree , a refresher on distance healing and table work with the group.

Level Three must have been taken with Samantha or Kathy Glover Scott. In this refresher we will revisit the third degree symbols and both healing attunements.

Investment - 2.5 hrs

$50 per person for group (min 2 ppl)

$70 for private

Please contact Samantha  at

for more information and to schedual