We offer a wide variety of Ottawa Reiki Services. Please review the different packages offered below, We can tailor fit treatment packages to suit your needs

Soul Journey Reading, 90 mins - $110.00

 - In our busy world we all to often become disconnected from our true selves. A soul journey reading is a profound experience  that reminds us of our true purpose and path in this life. It also allows you to uncover your soul connection with others and how those connections are impacting your life as lessons or experiences

Reiki Sessions

Coaching - Please email  your interest in Samantha's spiritual coaching program. An initial  interview is needed before  to see if this type of coaching is the right "fit" for you.

Animal Reiki - Please email for price and  information

Reiki and Reading, 2hrs - $150.00

- A combination of Life Path reading and Reiki Session

*Ask about the three session package for $190*

Shamanic Reiki, 90- 120 mins -$120.00  

- a Shamanic Reiki session incorporates all of the Reiki benefits with the added dimension of shamanic cord cutting. This  session takes you to the root cause of the emotional disturbance and effectively cuts away the impacting cord to another.Phone call follow up.

Reiki Services, Sessions and Treatments

Life Path Reading, 1hr - $90.00

 - In this full hour intuitive reading we will look at how the blocks in certain areas of  your life ( career, financial, family, relationship) are preventing you from moving forward and what you need to do to get them flowing again. 

Reiki Session, 1hr - $80.00 for initial visit $70 for each visit thereafter 

   - a Reiki session promotes a sense of well being, reduces stress and anxiety and can help to  relieve pain. It helps move you gently through any emotional and physical energetic blocks that are present in your body.