" As a student and client of Samantha I find her to be very professional,respectful,compassionate and effective both in her communication and interactions with her students and clients and in her Reiki practice . I would highly recommend her to facilitate your journey with Reiki." L. Bourque, Ottawa

" My reading with Samantha was bang on. She gently showed me what my heart and gut had been trying to get through to me for a long time. Since then I've worked through the blocks that came up in the reading and my life has unfolded in complete abundance. Thank you Samantha for your fantastic insight and compassion! "

-D. Kelley

" Samantha has a beautiful and inviting personality that makes her clients feel at ease during private sessions. Her passion and knowledge of energy work is evident in her Reiki classes inspiring everyone who attends. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of Samantha's degree level classes benefiting from her expertise and her compassion. Thank you Samantha! You are wonderful!" - M. Beaudette

"My personal journey of Reiki and expanded consciousness began with Samantha.  Her immense energy, incredible intuition and straight forward honesty has propelled me on an energy infused path  Samantha’s ability to connect with the Universe and Reiki Energy makes her an incredible teacher and guide; her wisdom and humour allows one to feel comfortable and safe in knowing she has their utmost best interest at heart.  I am incredibly grateful to this woman as a teacher, guide and more important friend in my corner."
- Student and client  C Clouthier, Reiki Master

" I have received a Reiki treatment from Samantha and it was amazing. Afterwards, I felt perfectly centered and balanced energetically. In addition, I have taken the Reiki 2 course with Samantha and the learning experience really resonated with me. Her wonderful energy, calmness and knowledge of Reiki really made the experience incredible. For anyone wanting an amazing Reiki treatment or who would like to learn Reiki, I definitely recommend Samantha. Thank you for everything Samantha! "  A . Marineau

Ottawa Valley Reiki Testimonials

" Samantha is a intuitive guide and gifted teacher, her class/ attunement has been one of my more favourable learning experiences in Reiki for several reasons including the classroom setting, the in depth information that she covers, and her reliabilty towards answering my questions even though its been over a year since my last course" -   J. Buko

"I have studied with Sam this year in undertaking the Reiki levels one and two refresher courses. Both were small groups and very well organized and structured. It gave me the boost I needed to get back into practice again, I found ( Samantha) exactly at a time when I needed to and will be continuing on with the Reiki shares this year." - C. Freemantle

"I've been with Samantha now for the past year doing her Spiritual Coaching  and all I can say is FANTASTIC!!! I've moved forward in my expansion in huge leaps. Her understanding and empathy coupled with her deep compassion allowed me to have some real breakthroughs and epiphanies in a completely safe space. I am extremely grateful to have worked with her! " - M. Smith