• A manual and journal,
  • three energetic earth alignments specific to that branches teachings
  • two personal one on one sessions during that branches three month course time
  • on going support during and after completion of each section
  •  a certificate ceremony  


The third branch or "leaf" unfurls us into the elder/crone energy of the spirit and its accompanying guides. In this arm we breathe into our spiritual well and connect fully to the higher self . Now that the foundational and emotional bodies have been given new empowering direction our spirit is free to fully engage in its life work.We have learned that the only work is inner work and that inner work transforms all. Here we connect to see where our gifts truly lie. Where our service is needed on a daily  personal level and on a global humanitarian level. We learn where our own particular cog fits into the great wheel.

The third aspect is completed over three months. Time commitment is one full day and three evenings spread out over the three months


The first branch or "seed" requires the advanced lightbearer to have already established a continuous daily meditation practice . In this branch we work on the foundational aspects of supporting our higher vibrational physical bodies. We rediscover the child/maiden self and they're associate guides to help us release outdated beliefs and stories about ourselves and how we move,think and feel in this world.  By  re enforcing the joy, curiosity and sense of everyday adventure that we  have stifled, we will relearn and experience anew the joy in the small day to day activities  that make up our physical foundation of home, work and self care.

This first journey is experienced over three months. Time commitment is one full day and three evenings spread out over the three months.


Welcome to the energetic teaching of Triskele. This journey was created for the advanced lightbearer to help support and enrich your experience of this path through intense inner energetic work. This teaching is for those of you who have Reiki Third Degree  or higher or have received higher level training in other energy work. Triskele is about learning to fully access your inner wisdom and potential. Its three fold branches seed, shoot, leaf, lead progressively to the center triangle of flowering self awareness.

The center teaching " flower" is the culmination of all three branches. It draws on the priestess/shaman energy and its accompanying guides. Here we are asked to surrender fully to the greater spirit,that we are not masters of energy but in fact mastered by the energy. In the center teaching  we see how each branch of the triskillion ,forever moving forward, contributes to the being becoming whole or "One" within the greater whole or one. In this final aspect of Triskele we will channel our higher self  and higher vibrational guides to access knowledge pertaining to our souls journey  on the enlightened path.  

This forth part is not mandatory to complete the Triskele teaching however all three previous parts must be completed before this one is undertaken. It is done over two full days during a month and culminating in a silent weekend retreat.

If you would like to pay for all three Branches there is a reduction of 15%. You may pay either through email transfer or cheque or by Pay Pal here


Starts July 8th 2018

The second branch or "shoot" builds on the new stronger foundation of the previous branch. In this branch we focus on our emotional bodies. Having heard and acknowledged the child, here we listen to our present internal voice and whats been lost from our stories up to this point. Calling upon the mother/warrior and they're accompanying guides we delve more deeply in how we advocate for ourselves and others. We learn how to use our voice  with compassionate power. Saying our truths from our new inner compass direction of joy, curiosity and adventure, we will re work our existing emotional stories to re align with our new outlook.

This second part is again completed over three months. Time commitment is one full day and three evenings spread out over the three months


To register please email me directly at ottawavalleyreiki@gmail.com